Named “Claude” after his namesake Claude Monet, the inspiration of the artists, the water-lily themed loggerhead now has a permanent home in front of the Palm Coast Arts Foundation outdoor stage. Purchased for PCAF by Parkside Realty Group, Sam Perkovich, broker/owner stated “Parkside is proud to be the first to have a turtle installed as the prototype to launch this project. This is another revenue stream for PCAF’s capital campaign projects for the cultural arts complex in Town Center.”

Artist Paul Beaulieu stated “working in collaboration with another local artist on this project was a unique and enjoyable experience for me. I invite other local artists to ‘take up the brush’ and join in on the fun. I see a future with PCAF turtles popping up throughout Flagler County. It will be an educational experience for both adults and children”.

Artist Tom Anastasio commented, “art is but one branch on the ‘tree of life’. It ennobles our creative experiences. The Loggerhead Turtle for me, is the embodiment of this experience as it spreads its wings and flies through the Earth’s oceans. The conceptual desire in working on this prototype project was to share the creative possibilities via an artistic and historical didactic experience with the corporate and public sector. It was a pleasure in working with such creative and supportive people.”

Location: 1500 Central Avenue

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“TIFF” the loggerhead turtle inspired by Art-Nouveau American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, was dedicated on Tuesday, October 23, 5:00 pm as part of the on-going community public sculpture project the Palm Coast Arts Foundation launched in May. The dedication took place at 5:00 pm at the Long Creek Nature Preserve, 1050 Palm Harbor Parkway.

Sponsors Beth and Fred Allen and Terri and Rafael Medina are thrilled to participate in this unique project. Ormond Beach artist, Ron Lace was chosen for the project because of his ability to paint with the look of “stained glass” as was Tiffany’s claim to fame. Both sponsors Allen and Medina were happy to donate this sculpture to the City of Palm Coast so that many can enjoy. The placement of “TIFF” will allow the public to view him from the canal and the nature preserve walking path.

Artist Ron Lace stated, “designing and painting “TIFF” was an exciting and challenging experience and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with the staff at PCAF and the sponsors to promote this educational and inspirational project. Louis Comfort Tiffany was an amazingly creative and talented artist, so I was thrilled when his work was to be the theme for my contribution to the Turtle Trail. My inspiration came from the beautiful egrets and herons that are so prevalent in our area and my design idea was to use this subject, along with the turtle, to create both a mosaic and stained-glass effect that characterized the work of Tiffany. It is my hope that I have been successful in at least a small measure.”

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"Marc" is an adaptation of the French-Russian artist, Marc Chagall (1887-1985).This sculpture was inspired by his Peace Windows stained glass works in the United Nations building, New York. I formulated the idea of donating Marc-Sea when I attended the PCAF Picnic and Pops concert. Growing up in New York City my parents had exposed me to many of the cultural opportunities available including theater, museums, zoos, art exhibitions, concerts, etc. I found myself singing along with most of the music presented at the PCAF concert and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Coupled with my long scuba diving career, in which I am allowed to share the world of sea turtles, donating to the PCAF Turtle Trail made infinite sense. Choosing the theme of Marc Chagall's "Peace" windows evolved not only from my love of his work but also from the message he conveyed to us all.
Location: Grand Haven Residential Community, Village Center, 2001 Waterside Parkway (gate-access community, call PCAF at 386-225-4394 for entry)

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“It’s been a true collaboration” says Amelia Fulmer, Arts Coordinator for the Flagler County School District and newly appointed Director of the Flagler Auditorium. “When we were approached by PCAF with the opportunity to be involved and thanks to the sponsor, we immediately put our heads together. The obvious site should be Old Kings Elementary School as it is the flagship marine sciences school in the district. We asked the art students at OKES to choose an artist that the high school art club would then create on the sculpture. The result was unanimous: Pablo Picasso would be the artist the elementary students wanted to see on their turtle. The art club students researched the works of Picasso, decided upon the design concept and started working.” Chelsea Schlaffer, faculty at the Flagler Palm Coast High School art department immediately accepted the challenge for the art club. “The students were very excited to be part of this public sculpture opportunity and began their design studies on Picasso. The result is an amazing montage of Picasso’s work.

Location: old kings elementary school, 301 old kings road, south, flagler beach


Local artist JJ Graham eagerly accepted the challenge and brought the sculpture to life. “Suffice it to say I never dreamed I’d be commissioned to paint dancers inspired by the works of Degas on a sea turtle named Nadia or that I would actually enjoy the process as much as I did” he stated. “For the most part, I treated the shell and fins like an unusually shaped canvas, turned up the music and went for it. In the end I can only hope that people feel the joy and playful nature that embodied my creative process. My thanks to the Palm Coast Arts Foundation and the mysterious sponsor that gave me the opportunity to participate in this ongoing project, and I hope our community continues to support their efforts.”

Location: City Hall, 160 Lake Avenue, Palm Coast


Sponsors:  Pat and Bill Verhagen
Artist:  Bettie Eubanks (
Location:  Waterfront Park Drive and Colbert Lane, Palm Coast
inspiration from 1700's quilt artist, Bettie White


Sponsor: Kathy Reichard-Ellavsky
Artist: Andy Sovia
Location:  Palm Coast Historical Society in Holland Park, 18 Florida Park Drive, North

Contact Nancy Crouch, Executive Director, Palm Coast Arts Foundation: or 386-225-4394 and send your website or link to a gallery of your work.