Virtual Watch Party: Two For The See Saw

Saturday, February 13, 2021
12:00 am

Palm Coast Arts Foundation and City Repertory Theatre presents Two FOR THE SEE SAW Finding love in New York City circa 1950’s, is extremely tough if you believe all the playwrights and scriptwriters, impossibly tough. This two character hit Broadway Show that won Anne Bancroft a Tony and was made into a Motion Picture Starring Shirley MacLaine and Robert Mitchum shows the relationship between earnest, intense and lonely Jerry (portrayed by Peter Gutierrez) and the “crackpot lovable waif” Gittel played by Annie Gaybis). Two For The Seesaw will make you laugh and cry. Watch how the intimate space of their two apartments works well for this very intimate two character story of opposites hoping to attract. Watch as they can not spend more than three minutes in each other's company without fireworks. A fascinating story of love in 1950;s New York played out with passion and explosive confrontations. Sit back and watch Annie Gaybis and Peter Gutierrez bare their souls as two people in need and how this play tracks their relationship in New York City as it hurts and heals them. TICKETS: $20 PCAF & CRT MEMBERS/$25 GENERAL (Purchase by February 1st and Save $25/$30) AVAILABLE TO WATCH FOR 48 HOURS for more information visit


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